Let’s help out Megan!

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From the Site:

Megan Miller was diagnosed two years ago with OCD. During that time they have been able to get her treatments and maintain daily life. In the last month, Megan had a sudden onset of severe symptoms. In their last visit to the psychologist they were told that she most likely has PANDAS or PANS, a very rare condition. This means there is some kind of underlying health issue that is attacking her and causing her OCD to flare. It most likely is auto immune, and relates to her meibomian gland disease. The only specialist available to them is in Redwood City, California. The Miller’s live in Salem Oregon, and will have to make the commute down repeatedly for assessment and treatments. Once there, they will run several tests ranging from blood work to MRI’s and brain scans.

The family is very overwhelmed and needs our help. The Miller’s are a critical part of the church in South Salem, always serving and giving their time and energy to others. Bob, her father, is a deacon of the church. As they have helped so many, Christ has now called us to help them and bear their burdens. Of course, they first and foremost need your prayers. But secondly, they need our financial help. These many trips and medical bills will be very costly, and we must do what we can to help them. If you have the means and ability, I pray you help give to this cause in service to our Lord.