Happy 2016!

Here we find ourselves once again in a brand new year.   Admittedly, after turning 50 years of age some time ago, the new year looses some of its luster.  This is because of several reasons which I would like to address:

  1. Changes which need to be addressed cannot wait until January 1, and have already been taken care of.  For example, when the car brakes start squeaking in March, who resolves to get them replaced at the new year?  Resolutions loose their appeal when we realize that if something is worth committing to, then waiting until New Year’s day is too late to begin.  Let us resolve to make changes each day as the need arises.
  2. Each New Year brings us closer to our inevitable end.  This is not all that bad, for the going home to our Lord is the greatest goal of any Christian.  Yet, when we realize as Paul that there is much work to still be done, one is not ready to yet leave.  Every first of January is a reminder that we have one less new year to look forward to.  Let us resolve to stay busy and take advantage of each and every opportunity the Lord puts in our path!
  3. Finally, each new year brings anticipation of that which is yet to happen, along with a goodbye to that which has past.  Sadly, each year we say goodbye to loved ones who have never known our Lord.  Let us resolve to be passionate to share Christ with those that remain this next year.

My prayer is that God may bless us all with a knowledge of His will, so that we may walk worthy of Him, bearing fruit in every good work. May He open doors of opportunity for each of us to share His word.  May His peace prevail in our lives.

Happy New Year!